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The name is Chandler,

but my friends call me Chan.

I'm a recovering child hypochondriac.

As a child, I enjoyed dancing on top of tables to Shania Twain—still do. Since parading around in my aunt’s high heels, I’ve always had a knack for “putting myself in someone else’s shoes”. 

I didn’t stop with shoes. I’ve worn many hats as a former clammer, chicken farmer, kayak instructor, mosaicist, artist, and line cook. These past lives helped me form a unique point-of-view and process for tackling design problems.

As an experience designer, I like hanging out in the space where good research and strategy meet to make innovative products. I am highly adaptable and consider myself a creative chameleon, able to shapeshift to fill different roles depending on the ask. I am an artist, designer, and strategist that is analytically curious and unconventional

When I'm not designing, I'm curating my weekly meals, cooking for friends and family, being an active listener, running the trails around the James River, reading about queer theory, and playing frisbee with my Australian Shepherd Blue.

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Fun tidbits about me.

Land Between Two Waters

I grew up in Nassawadox, a small coastal town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Its name in Algonquian means “land between two waters” giving context to the culture and environment that enveloped me.


Gift From the Food Gods

After reading "SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT", I recreated Samin's bean and roasted vegetable salad and posted it on my food Instagram.  She liked, commented, and shared the post. To me, it was like touching the hand of God.


As Happy as a Clam

My great-grandfather was born and raised in the isolated town of Broadwater, Virginia located on Hog Island. Likewise, I grew up boating with my dad, traversing the waters of Hog Island Bay, in search of wild clams.


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