I am ______ .

I grew up straddling two cultures: American and Spanish, my dad was from Virginia and my mom is from Spain. Throughout my life, I have come to appreciate cultural differences, not just those that surrounded me. My background has shaped me into a well-traveled, down-to-earth small town boy with a unique viewpoint. 

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual degree in Biology and Studio Art with a concentration in painting. One would think that my divergent interests in science and art would have forced me to choose one over the other. However, I saw art and science as complementary disciplines. Over time the disciplines became interwoven, and I acquired a unique manner of processing information by distinguishing patterns and processes. 


After my artist fellowship, I was looking for a career that allowed me to creatively solve complex problems, but also quenched my thirst to create experiences for others. This search led me to pursue my Master’s in Business / Experience design at VCU Brandcenter.

As an experience designer, I believe my curiosity for learning and my ability to simultaneously harness both the left and right side of my brain give me a competitive edge while creating dynamic experiences for others—I'm a “thinker” and a “doer”. I am highly adaptable and consider myself a creative chameleon, able to shapeshift to fill different roles depending on circumstance. I am an artist, scientist, and designer that is analytically curious and unconventional. These attributes drive me to push the boundaries of possibility and provide a foundation for creating innovative brand experiences.

Betcha didn't know ______ .

Phonetically Speaking

I grew up in Nassawadox, Virginia, a small coastal town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Nassawadox’s name and meaning is rooted in the Algonquian language of the Accohanoc people. It translates to “land between two waters” giving context to the kind of culture and environment that enveloped me.

The Chicken Whisperer

I started raising a flock of 50 chickens for egg production when I was thirteen. I designed and created egg cartons, business cards, and a logo for my business. I even taught myself Google SketchUp, so I could 3D render my chicken coop and tractor designs.

Self-proclaimed Child Savant

As a child, I watched every National Geographic documentary and read a lot of non-fiction, so much so that my 4th grade teacher told my mom I needed to read more fiction.

C H A N D L E R   W E B B 

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